Why in-home counseling?

Why do I offer child & adolescent counseling that comes to your home? There are so many reasons!

1) It’s hard to make it to an office (and then wait for the length of a session!) when you have several children.

2) It’s a more natural environment, where I can get a holistic view of the family dynamics and help parents figure out how to handle things in the best possible way.

3) More privacy! You’re never in a waiting room with strangers.

4) Awesome for those with limited mobility – or who are caring for someone with limited mobility.

5) Counseling is super-personalized. I get to know the real child, in his/her home space.

6) We’re not sitting in an office! We can go outside, sit under a tree or go for a walk. It’s real counseling in the real world.

7) If your child is defensive, it helps to break down walls. We’re in her/his space, where they are most comfortable.

Call me or send me an email to find out more about home-based counseling and how it can help you and your children! View my website for more information about my services.


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